Dangle earrings

Dangling earrings are a fundamental piece to show off a current look.

At the same time, they represent a classic style that has survived many fashions and continue to be an indispensable complement to our wardrobe, hence the saying that fashions are cyclical.

Day and night pendant earrings

A premise that we followed a few seasons ago was to think that earrings with some type of pendant were exclusive for evening events;

big mistake…

Long earrings are a very “smart” option for any time of the day.

How to combine hanging earrings

You can combine them with any garment in your closet, but if what you want is for them to be the center of attention, it is better that you combine them with plain garments that do not distract with prints, to amortize and thus take advantage of the return of the giant earrings. .

In short, women's pendant earrings are one of the most rising trends for this year 2019, in terms of jewelry and accessories, so they should not be missing from any of us's jewelry box.

Recommendations for choosing what type of silver pendant earrings will look best according to the shape of our face

If your face shape is long, you should wear wide earrings to balance.

If your face shape is rounded, you should wear long hanging earrings that help stylize your facial features and, above all, you should avoid round-shaped ones, such as button-type pearls or hoops.

If your face shape is triangular, XXL earrings and elongated, large ones will suit you.

If your face shape is oval, you are very lucky, since any type of earring will look good on you, although button-shaped earrings will be the most appropriate.

If your face shape is square, we recommend hoop earrings, as they favor angular lines.

Those with soft shapes and lines, like a teardrop, will also suit you well.

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