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Men ring

Men's rings are an accessory that is becoming more and more popular. Gone are the times when they wore a simple wedding ring or a seal on one of their fingers. Nowadays we can find countless ring designs in a multitude of materials far beyond gold or silver.

Silver rings for men

Without a doubt, one of the materials that still offers a wide range of possibilities among men's rings is silver. The reason is certainly cultural, since silver is indeed a precious material whose cost is very affordable for all budgets and which nevertheless offers excellent quality.

Both aged silver and smooth silver offer many options to create a range of more or less elaborate designs for men's rings that cover practically all styles.

So we can find on the market all types of men's silver rings with countless motifs of all kinds and for all types of tastes, from the most classic or minimalist to the most daring and risky.

Men's steel rings

In recent years, they have gained a lot of weight in the world of fashion and more specifically in men's jewelry, a material until now relegated to the background. We are talking about steel rings for men, a trend that is gaining more and more followers. The reason for this new incorporation of steel as a raw material for the production of boy's rings is very simple.

Stainless steel is one of the hardest and most resistant metals that exist, it is an alloy of iron, chromium and carbon, its price is much lower than that of silver and the final result of polished steel is visually very attractive.

But one of the great advances in this sense has been the incorporation of surgical steel into men's jewelry, not only in earrings but also in many other accessories such as bracelets, chains, pendants and much more.

Surgical steel, also known as 316L stainless steel, is an excellent ally for the manufacture of men's rings. There is also an implicit connotation in the use of steel in the production of rings for men, it is the strength and resistance that this material transmits that reflects a lifestyle and a groundbreaking and avant-garde personality.

For all these reasons, surgical steel rings are the most in demand and popular among men.

One of the few disadvantages that we can observe in the use of steel in the manufacture of men's jewelry is that it is a relatively heavy material, which greatly limits some aspects, especially if we are talking about large rings.

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