Ear Jacket

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In this section of our store we offer you the collection of earrings that come out from below the lobe, they are also called Ear Jackets earrings and they are the latest trend in jewelry and costume jewelry to decorate our ears.

They are very original because one part of the earring covers the ear hole and the other part comes out from behind, remaining below the lobe. The effect is very beautiful, as it seems that the earring is suspended in the air.

All our earrings below the lobe are made of sterling silver and of the highest quality and there are many models combining different materials such as pearls, zircons and other stones.

Their most notable feature and what makes them so original is that they are earrings that come out from below the ear since they have a small extension from the top that is covered by the earlobe. In this way, as if by magic, they seem to be suspended in the air.

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