Choker Necklaces

Choker Necklaces

The Choker Necklace you will see the most this season.

Chokers are tight-fitting necklaces and can be made from various materials. In our store, you can buy silver choker necklaces, gold-plated ones, and also leather or cord chokers.

Reviving 80s Fashion

Many of us also associate the idea of a choker with a black ribbon around the neck or the tight-fitting necklaces that were so popular in the 80s. Back then, the choker necklace was a fashion revolution, and since fashion is cyclical, this accessory is making a comeback.

The Essential Accessory of the Season

If there is one thing that should not be missing from your jewellery collection this season, it is a choker necklace, and if it's silver, even better. We all know how much silver stands out on our skin, especially in the summer when we have that beautiful, bronzed tan. That's why at PuraVidaPulseras we offer a selection of the most beautiful and special pieces of this type of accessory you will see everywhere this summer: the chokers.

Perfect Style and Combination

Nothing better than showing off your neck and neckline with a piece that is causing a real stir among our customers. We are talking about tight-fitting necklaces that you can wear alone or combined with other chains and necklaces. Chokers are extremely flattering, very easy to combine with almost anything, and are very trendy right now.

A few years ago, black chokers with a small charm or silver decoration on the front were in fashion. They were usually made of more or less wide black velvet. Today this idea has evolved, and we can find many beautiful and flattering models.

Current Trends

Black chokers are still in fashion this season, but instead of being made of velvet or fabric, the most popular ones now are leather, silver, or different material chokers that are always tight-fitting around the neck. And what looks best is to wear some necklaces tighter around the neck and others longer, combining different sizes and lengths.

Must-Have of the Season

Tight-fitting chokers are a must-have this season and are ideal for combining with other longer necklaces, creating an original and unique set for each woman. The best way to wear them is a tight-fitting silver choker with another slightly longer one and an even longer necklace.

In our store, you will find the best choker designs for this year, a necklace style that was very fashionable in the 90s and has now returned with a very renewed style. The preference for simple shapes and minimalist designs makes this piece an accessory you can wear every day without getting tired or bored.

How to Care for Your Chokers

To maintain the shine and quality of your chokers, avoid contact with chemicals and clean them regularly with a soft cloth. Store your pieces in a dry and safe place to avoid damage.

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